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Last revised: 5/9/2024

OUM’s Payment Processing Company: DocuPhase

DocuPhase Solutions is now our payment processing company. OUM customers will make their premium payments through DocuPhase. We are making this a seamless process for you. No matter how you choose to pay, our systems will automatically route you to the correct payment processor. At your next renewal, you will need to complete any remaining payments with Imperial PFS (IPFS) for your previous policy term, and then you will need to make a payment or make a down payment and select a payment plan with DocuPhase. 


Are you in the process of renewing and need to make a payment? Here are 3 easy ways to pay:

What to Do When It’s Time to Renew

Email RM Payment Plan
1. Receive renewal offer from OUM (via mail or email) and alert us of any practice changes in the past year. 2. Get your risk management discount (if applicable).  3. Update your payment plan if needed for your upcoming policy term. 
Quick Pay COI Payment
4. Go to the Quick Pay page on OUM's website to pay. You can also call us by phone to pay, or send us a check. 5. Receive Certificate of Insurance (COI) from OUM. 6. Continue paying any installments based on the payment plan selected.

Please note: if you owe any final payments on your current policy term, you will be routed automatically to IPFS to complete remaining payments. Then, you will be able to complete payments or submit a down payment to DocuPhase Solutions for your upcoming policy term.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be transitioned to DocuPhase from IPFS?
Your policy payments will be transitioned to DocuPhase at your next renewal. You will need to complete any remaining payments on your IPFS account for the previous year's policy. Then, you will need to pay in full or submit a down payment on your next year's policy with DocuPhase.
How do I make a payment and what payment methods are available to me?

You will be able to pay by credit card, ACH, or check. To complete payment, you have four options:

  1. Log in to our secure portal online
  2. Use the Quick Pay option on our website
  3. Call us at 800-423-1504, ext. 2
  4. Send a check to P.O. Box 2261, Memphis, TN 38101

Please note that autopay via a credit card is NOT an option.

How will I know who to pay?

No matter how you choose to pay - whether online or by phone - you will automatically get routed to the correct payment processor to make your payment. Please pay close attention to your renewal offer and follow instructions on your invoices. Those documents will have all the information you need, including your pay in full amount, your down payment amount, where to remit checks, etc.

Please note: You will need to pay off any remaining balances on your IPFS finance agreement before you will be able to complete your first payment on your new policy term with DocuPhase. Our systems, including our phone line and our online portal, will not allow you to pay DocuPhase until you have paid in full to IPFS.

What payment plan options will I have?

You will have these payment plans to choose from (please note that the payment plan options may differ depending on the state you practice in):

  • Pay in full (one-time payment)
  • 2-Pay (50% down payment and 50% due in 90 days)
  • 4-Pay (25% down payment and 3 quarterly equal payments - STATE OF IL ONLY)
  • 5-Pay (25% down payment and 4 payments every other month)
  • 10-Pay (15% down payment and 9 installments monthly)

Please note that finance fees for payment plans will vary by state. Exact fee details will be shown on your revised renewal offer. 

How will I receive my invoices?
Renewal offers will include an initial invoice (whether you receive the renewal offer via email or by mail) and you will receive installment payment invoices from DocuPhase by mail.
What should I do if I want to change my payment plan?
Please complete this form to request a different payment plan.
Who should I call if I have questions or experience an issue while trying to make a payment?
  • For questions on your current Imperial PFS payment plan, please contact IPFS at 866-412-2569
  • For questions on upcoming payments, please contact us at 800-423-1504 or contact your agent


Disclaimer: All information contained on this page is subject to change.